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Mara Kornschober

Mara Kornschober Biography:


My name is Mara Kornschober. Painter. Graphic artist. Creator. Nature lover. Admirer of mother earth. Human with heart. Dreamer. Visionary. I was born in Graz (Austria), where my artistic journey began at a pretty young age. Making pottery in the elementary school. While my classmates were busy to obey the teachers instructions, I was busy to put my early infantile passion into practice. To transfrom modeling material into extravagant and extraordinary shapes and firgures. So I crafted bowls with spider-legs or shaped animal faces with paper mache.

I gradually realized, that the idea of creating things that did not exist in that form already, grew rapidly in me. It prospered in my thoughts and came to life under my fingers. More and more. Creatures. Composite beings. Outgrowths of my fantasy. Aged about eleven I drew a creature with a saurian-like tail. Graphit. Coloration with conventional color pencils. The head resembled a carnivorous plant, the legs and claws of a bird of prey. I started to discover my enthusiasm for anatomy and biology at the same time. A small but meaningful flame that should burn much brighter in the near future.

When I watched the movie 9 at the age of thirteen, I discovered the fascination of sculpturing figure s and puppets for myself. Inspired of the movies main character, I redesigned and copied it only on the basis of my memory. I used hinges of umbrellas, cotton- and leather remnants. Movable limbs. Opposable thumbs. I loved the illusion, to bring puppets to life. The feeling, to fill lifeless material with a soul. But what I started to love the most, was the feeling, that it succeeded.

My young and creative development began to pulsate in diverse fierce frequences. Tendencies shifted and delayed. I built. I drew. I painted. I found inspiration in videogames like „Spore“. A game in which one exercises evolution.

„Fascinating“, said the vulcanian science officer on the spaceship The Enterprise. I admired Leonard Nimoy that much, that he inspired me to picture him. I was fifteen when I gave myself over to drawing portraits.I found a deep joy to draw fotorealistic. One portrait followed the other. I drew actors. Their roles. Their characters. Their emotions. Most of the time it were male actors, because the edges and roughness in their faces awoke my atristic interest. Structure. Shading. This patterns enabled to focus on the the details more and more. In addition I recieved contract works and drew family portraits.

At the age of twenty I found myself in a phase of trying out new things. A phase of experiments. I portrayed animals in aquarelle. A technique of painting that could not allure me long. But once more it shew how important it is and was for me to display art realistic.

I said good bye to water colors and dedicated my energy to the work with polymer-clay. A fascination, that should last longer. I modeled plants. I modeled figures. And I modeled contract works like the deku-tree of the videogame series Zelda or the piranha-tree from Super Mario.

After my twenty-first birthday I decided to do the next crucial and major step in my artistic development. Fotorealistic oil painting on canvas. Because my passion and dedication for anatomy grew synchronously with my skills, my motive choice fell on a human skull. Working with oil inspired me in such a immeasurable dimension, that I started to mix Oil and Acryl on Canvas. According to this principle I am currently working on my first picture series, that picks out the human intervention in the nature and fauna as a central theme.

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